Sunday, 19 July 2015

Hey guys, yesterday I was practising my marco-photgraphy. The reason being is that it isn't my strongest area of work. I'm not to keen on macro work so I've decided to perservere at it and love it (oh boy).

I managed to get 2 shots which I thought were really good.

These 2 pictures are of my friends skateboard trucks, I really wanted to focus on the big clunky metal to give this image an interesting view point.

I wanted to get my friend in the background whizing through the shot.
This is the original shot here, before I got the idea of a blurred image whizing through the background.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Insane air time!

This shot I took, well, it's just ridiculous. This is my friend Lewis, he's an insanely talented rider! One of his signature tricks are big 180 airs, I mean, wow they are huge. This shot that I took really compliments that.

My iso for this shot was at 450, I manage to get the right shot with a burst of phots.

Insane air.
Another air from a different angle.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A great day!

Hey guys, just want to share a few photos today that I've taken with my friends at our local skatepark.

I took these photos a few days ago and it was such fun! The weather was perfect, the shots were perfect, I was super stoked with them. Enough said, here they are!

James my man here ^^ just dropping down the step down at our local skatepark.

James and Jason, my two models posing for me. I wanted to get a glowing contrast in this image, so I positioned them in front of me. Just covering up the sun.

My friend Liam performing a clean kickflip!

Rock the spine, by liam.